We here at EXMNA are dedicated to gathering, empowering, and broadcasting the voices of Ex-Muslims. We consider it our duty to highlight the gems of apostate intellectual discourse to the best of our ability. For this reason we work on bringing together here individual Ex-Muslim bloggers to form an apostate blogging community. Leaving Islam is not a simple or monolithic process. We aim to provide a platform for a wide variety of apostates’ viewpoints in order to help our readers gain a nuanced understanding of the issues around leaving Islam.

Ex-Muslim Blogs is a collection of essays and commentaries from various writers and bloggers, dealing with topics relevant to apostates and individuals from Muslim backgrounds. We deeply appreciate all the time and effort that our Ex-Muslim bloggers are putting into writing, editing, and sharing their ideas.

We are always happy to hear from Ex-Muslims who want to be part of this blogging community!

If you are an Ex-Muslim non-theistic writer and want to write for ExMuslimBlogs.com, email your ideas to editor@exmuslimblogs.com.

Each blogger has her or his own stories and insights to share. Read them all at their blogs:

Ali Murtad’s Rantings
Read the words of Ali Murtad, an EXMNA member, who analyzes and comments (and sometimes rants) on current events, particular in how certain aspects of our world relate to Islamic history & scripture.

Apostate Chronicles
Creative outpourings by various Ex-Muslim apostates, documenting and reflecting on their journeys during their transition away from Islam

Between a Veil & a Dark Place
Chronicling the life and times of EXMNA member Marwa Berro, her formative years in Lebanon, her escape from Hezbollah, and gaining freedom in the US..

Chista’s Contemplation
Follow along with Chista as she confronts the trials of living in the closet as an Ex-Muslim. Chista describes herself as: Ex Muslim. Atheist. Godless Secular Humanist. Feminist. Human Rights Advocate. Saganist. Tysonist.

Linguistic Miracles
Happy Murtad, former Salafi now an Ex-Muslim atheist, from the CEMB, shares his thoughts on the history and sociology of Islam.

Mehfil e Skeptics
EXMNA co-founder and editor of exmuslimblogs.com Kiran Opal shares her writings on human rights, women’s rights, history of free thought in Muslim communities, and various other topics.

Mist and Illusions
Alala uses this space to analyze, confront, and vent on women’s lives under Islam, and patriarchal cultural norms.

Murtad Journals
Memes and essays on life within and outside of Muslim identities and theological boundaries.

Nothing’s Haram: Parenting Beyond Belief
A blog covering parenting from a secular and Ex-Muslim perspective, as well as issues one often encounters in society as a parent.

Rejection of Heaven
Follow along with EXMNA member Jennah, who relates stories from her life as a Muslim for 26 years, and questions the ways that indoctrination of religion affected her.

When Indoctrination Fails: Trials Of Growing Up Saudi
Iman, another EXMNA member, documents the trials and tribulations of being a woman in Saudi Arabia, and her story of how she escaped abuse and oppression.