Welcome to Ex-Muslim Blogs!

The Ex-Muslims of North America are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new project aimed at highlighting the diverse range of voices throughout the apostate community. The EXMNA believe that it is our duty to broadcast the gems of apostate intellectual discourse to the best of our ability, and for this reason we began work on bringing together various Ex-Muslim bloggers to form an apostate blogging community. Apostasy is not a monolithic ideal, and we aim to provide a platform to the wide variety of viewpoints in order to provide a more nuanced understanding of the issues around it.

Ex-Muslim Blogs is a collection of essays and commentaries from various sources dealing with  topics relevant to apostates and individuals from Muslim backgrounds.  We deeply appreciate all the time and effort that our Ex-Muslim bloggers are putting into writing, editing, and sharing their ideas. Please note that the views expressed in each blogger’s section are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of EXMNA or its affiliates.


We’d love to hear from you. Please share and comment on the blog posts with your thoughts and/or questions. Thank you for supporting Ex-Muslim blogs- happy reading!